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Jacinda VieuxDeaux · (323)508-4166 · Louisiana Escort

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Bonsoir, mon cher!

Let me welcome you to my sweet and spicy, sultry and strange, always amazing, New Orleans!

It would be my humble pleasure to guide and accompany you!

My journey started in this magical place, and it was shaped by traveling the world.

From Alaska to Asia, I have developed a keen awareness of body and spirit!

We all owe ourselves the opportunity to experience bliss.. even if it's only for a brief moment.

I have taken great pride in developing a solid reputation as a modern courtesan and elite companion.

If you can dream up a perfect encounter, I will do my best to fulfill it!

*Please start our journey off on the right foot...

Kindly review my standards in the "Etiquette" page.

Then follow instructions on screening, for the most optimal and amazing adventure!!* can I be your muse today?

xx- Jacinda VieuxDeaux

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