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Lana B. · (504)251-5932 · Louisiana Escort

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Southern hospitality with just the right amount of curves!

Hello Gentelmen ! I'm Lana B. I'm a local yoga instructer. I'm a pretty athletic busty brunette, looking to make new friends! I'm a local and I know my way around the Quarter. I've been told I'm an excellent tour guide. I can show you the real New Orleans and not just Bourbon St. Don't go to Bourbon St.

I always do my best to make a real connection with you when we meet. I'm skilled at the are of converstion (fancy way of saying I'm a talker) really though, I do have a knack for getting to know people and can pretty much make anyone feel comfortable. I truly enjoy being in the company of gentelmen.

My goal is always to make sure our time together relaxing, refreshing, and puts a big smile on your face every time we meet! I'm totally committed to satisfying your cravings...and mine! What are the things that make you feel alive and passionate as a man? My mission is to help you find and fulfill those secret longingswithout apology. Join me in delving in to the pleasures we seek, as well as uncovering those yet discovered.

I can give you an amazing massage or that fantasy dream that needs fulfilling. Know that when you are with me time will be endless as I trigger that every nerve and fill it with excitement. So when you are ready for a journey into sinful pleasure ....I will be waiting.....

I am respectful, funny, sincere and down to earth . I have a wild side that I love to let loose here in the Big Easy. If you are looking for a companion to accompany you into sin city, or just stay home and play send me an e-mail or call & lets make a date!

Please be sure and CALL if you are looking for a same day appointment! I only check my e-mails so many times a day, I would hate to miss you !

Please have the donation ready in plain view. I generaly like to get that out of the way in the begining. Thanks!

I can't wait to meet you !

xxx Lana B.

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