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Lilli Reznor · Louisiana Escort

Updated: September 8, 2018

Locations Served:
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My name is Lilli, and I am a sexy, seductive, and sensuous companion. I guess you could say that I am considered a MILF which must mean that I am only getting better! My lovers have always complimented me on my look which includes piercing green eyes and a tall, lithe model's figure accentuated by some exquisite D cup MMs. I am soft spoken, a little goofy, and sweet by nature. My sense of style is highlighted by my demeanor which is part country girl, part city girl, and part wanderer. I enjoy travel and am always searching for my next destination. My primary purpose is to please you and make you feel like you are #1 when you are with me. My hair's always a mess, I'm the furthest thing from "graceful," and I have my fair share of dingy moments . . . I'm nothing close to perfect, but I'm pretty awesome. :D I'm not the only one to say so. You should check me out!!

Looking for an excuse to go back to Lake Charles!! XoXXoX

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