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A Playful Playmate and Deliciously Sensual Artist. Craving to Explore Every Secret Desire With an Exotic Beauty... Allow Me to Guide You Through an Erotic Adventure!


I invite you to experience something truly delicious from beginning to end…

I am the woman you crave in your life to bring you to new levels of passion and pleasure. When the pressures of every day life create too much weight, wouldn’t it be nice to have an erotically charged, experienced and dead sexy woman take control and give you all that you desire? We all crave touch, and sensuality. I fully believe that these cravings are a basic human need and without satiating this desire we are unable to truly experience ourselves as happy and whole beings. I take this craving and I relish in fulfilling it with every ounce of my intoxicating sensuality. Taking time with a woman like me is like a fine wine, meant to be savored and consumed by a gentleman with a taste for the finer things. From the moment we first embrace to our final kiss goodbye, I will be you sensual guide into a level of intimacy and surrender that will leave you breathless. Allow me to be your dirty little secret and I will give you memories you will treasure for years to come. Seduction is an art and I am more than confident you will find me to be a profoundly unforgettable artist.

If we are already friends you will be happy to hear that I have expanded the realm of exploration we can share during out time together. If we have yet to meet, please read on…

For the last few years I can humbly say that I have been known for providing some of the best sensual massage in the south and beyond. I have had the absolute pleasure of dedicating all of my passion to becoming a connoisseur of the sensual arts. This path has allowed me to grow and expand as a provider and as a woman. I have reached a point in my journey where I crave to share a deeper intimacy and connection in my sessions. Far from a beginner, I am a seasoned sensual artist with the passion and experience to guide you into your desires with a confidence and eroticism that is simply mind blowing.

I very much value quality over quantity and prefer to spend my time with gentlemen who are able to make the time for an immersive experience. My session times and tribute requests reflect that sentiment. Like I said before, this is a delicious experience and is meant to be savored and never rushed.

I offer sessions in my beautiful, private apartment in the cbd. The location is very accessible and there are multiple garages and plenty of street parking in the immediate area. Please arrive on time however, do not arrive early. I like to spend every last moment preparing the space so that it is impeccable when you arrive. If you are going to be late please inform me. It is important that we respect each others time.

As I will extend every consideration and gesture of respect I can to you, I will of course expect you to do the same for me. During our session I expect nothing less than to be treated as a lady and a goddess. In truth, my only expectation is that of mutual respect and the willingness to receive. I always strive to meet my clients where they are at. Whatever your experience level is, I can assure you, you will feel comfortable in my presence. All are welcome.

In anticipation,

Penelope Waters

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