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Vivian Hetaira · Louisiana Escort

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Our brief interludes have no more, or any less value than what some consider lasting.

Those snippets of moments that become ubiquitous after you’ve had them, or fantasized of them becoming your reality… The ones that disrupt your thoughts and illuminate your desire until they blindside your days....

The graze against your jeans. Our breath before kissing. No segue into not knowing whose sweat is who’s. The thermal energy between our bodies and where all that energy is bound to go. Unbuckling, untying, slipping off, removing it all...

Mind xxxxx leads to what brings you deeper into your own erotic self, we end in ecstatic pleasure and exhaustion, together.

I am alternative in lifestyle and appearance and am completely natural. I can guarantee that your every desire will be heard, felt, and met.

I'm well versed in many arenas of play with an unrelenting xxxxx appetite, should you be the type of man with kinks and desires you've left unfilled...

If you can’t tell by my images, I really am all natural in every way. I don’t alter my body whatsoever, and as far as being natural where hair is concerned, yes, that authenticity extends all the way south ;)

Don’t be shy darling, I want to know all of you.

I have a private, discreet and beautiful Incall in the Central Business District.

“The xxxxx act is not only an expression of the divine life force, but an act of resistance against all forms of personal oppression and the primary focus of ritual”


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