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Dripping in sensuality with curves right out of a Grecian fairytale, I am the perfect combination of an attentive, caring lover and an agent of deep, dark, devious desires sure to make even the most seasoned perv blush and tremble in fear or anticipation. I consider myself a true switch and genuinely delight in being on top or bottom.

My view from the top tends to be calculated, playful, cerebral and intimate. I'm happy to hold sessions for strictly BDSM and fetish play, but I also appreciate engaging in forays of fantasy, pain and pleasure from a holistic approach, as I believe physical intimacy can add unparalleled levels of enhancement to our erotic power exchange.

I'm also certainly happy to leave the whips and chains in the closet and just delight in the ethereal bliss of two (or more!) bodies coming together and sharing energy.

I find good conversation to be very enchanting, and as a true blue Scorpio, I often find intellectual stimulation to make me quiver with anticipation in the same vein as eroticism in its physical forms. I'm well read and am just as interested in talking serious politics and philosophy as I am pop culture and netflix.

My interests are wide ranging, but I'm drawn to modern art (especially viewed through a feminist lens), current politics, gender and sexuality, geeking out on local history, spirituality, and always good old fashioned sex, drugs, & rock n' roll.

I do not discriminate based on race, age (18+), gender, sexuality, or ability. I consider myself sexually fluid and enthusiastically welcome people of all genders and couples to contact me.

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